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The Raker - Roberta's Trial Gardens are now open!  We are your one-stop visit to see ALL of the latest and greatest varieties! Make sure to visit us in 2019.

See the newest varieties, top performers, and most unique plants the horticulture industry offers. If you would like to receive regular announcements about the RRTG, please contact Greg Michalak.

OPEN: July 17, 2019 - August 23, 2019, Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:30pm  CONTACT: Greg Michalak, Director of Trials, (517) 542-4550

We've got to get back to the Gardens!


In addition to our extensive sponsored areas (Landscaped beds, rows, large containers and Hanging Baskets) we have exciting things planned for our Comparison areas.


Blind White Petunia Trial


The votes are in and we have a clear winner!


#27 Color Rush White from ball was the favorite!



# votes

1 Capella White -  Danziger


2 Cascadias Iceburg -  Danziger


3 Littletunia White Grace -  Danziger


4 Ray White -  Danziger


5 Success White -  Benary


6 Success HD White -  Benary


7 Success 360 White -  Benary


8 Trilogy White -  Takii


9 Opera Supreme White -  Takii


10 Shock Wave Coconut -  PanAmerican


11 Easy Wave White -  PanAmerican


12 Dreams White -  PanAmerican


13 Super Cascade White -  PanAmerican


14 EZ Rider White -  PanAmerican


15 Pretty Grand White -  PanAmerican


16 Pretty Flora White -  PanAmerican


17 Madness White -  PanAmerican


18 Carpet White -  PanAmerican


19 TriTunia Fresh White -  Syngenta


20 Dekko White -  Syngenta


21 Sanguna White Imp -  Syngenta


22 Sanguna Patio White -  Syngenta


23 Blanket White Imp -  Greenfuse Botanicals


24 Good N Plenty White -  Greenfuse Botanicals


25 QT White -  Greenfuse Botanicals


26 Surfinia White Imp -  Suntory


27 ColorRush White -  Ball FloraPlant


28 ColorBlitz Snowy White -  Ball FloraPlant


29 Sun Spun White -  Ball FloraPlant


30 Double Wave White -  Dummen Orange


31 Fortunia Early White -  Dummen Orange


32 Potunia White -  Dummen Orange


33 Potunia Piccola White -  Dummen Orange


34 Potunia Plus White -  Dummen Orange


35 Surprise White -  Dummen Orange


36 Tea White -  Beekenkamp


37 Supertunia White -  Proven Winners


38 Supertunia Vista Snowdrift -  Proven Winners





  • The Connection will be on July 25th. The Michigan Garden Plant Tour will be Monday through Friday from July 29th through August 9th.
  • Our sponsored areas are full with the latest and greatest offerings from our breeder sponsors.
  • This year in our comparison row trials in the sun, we will have Dahlias, Rudbeckia, Canna, Sunflowers, Gazania, Phlox interspecific, Gomphrena, Celosia, Succulents, fibrous Begonias and we are repeating our “BIG” Begonia trial. In this trial we are comparing BIG, Whopper, Megawatt, Top Hat and Viking Begonias. Last year, the deer ate all of the varieties so we are trying again. Our Blind trials have been very popular so we continue with White Petunias.
  • In the shade rows, we’ll have Cyclamen, Ivy Geraniums (in containers), seed Coleus and we are trialing the IDM resistant Impatiens.
  • In our hanging baskets, we are showcasing the “ready-made” combos that are available.
We are adding to our extensive perennial trials with Echinacea and first-year flowering plants. These are in addition to our existing perennial trials.


National Garden Bureau Year Of The Dahlia!
Be sure to pick your Favorite out of the 200 we are showing!


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Raker - Roberta's Young Plants, Inc., one of Michigan’s premium horticulture suppliers, is proud to present our Raker - Roberta's Garden Trials.