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Last year, more than 2,000 people visited the Raker - Roberta's Trial Gardens. Predominantly from the Midwest, this collection of professionals is a representative cross-section of the horticulture industry; including, greenhouse owners, landscape designers and professionals, industry brokerages and sales representatives, trade writers, and most importantly, home gardeners.

For the last ten years, the Raker - Roberta's Trial Gardens have been a destination for the horticulture industry – and this year is no different. In addition to expanding every aspect of our comparison trials (row, hanging basket, and large container) we are continually expanding our trial services to include additional types of research and genetic evaluation.

The Trials are an extension of our in-house Research & Development Team. The Team routinely conducts evaluation / trial projects focusing on internal production and breeder / university research.

We provide a confidential and objective trialing site for the independent breeder. All samples submitted are evaluated under greenhouse and field settings from both propagation and finish perspectives. Our rigorous testing process ensures that selected genetics perform optimally for the grower and the end-consumer.

Raker - Roberta's Young Plants, Inc. is the leading commercial wholesaler of custom-grown plugs and liners in North America. Through both seed and vegetative propagation, Raker - Roberta's supplies more than 3,000 unique plant varieties to greenhouses and nurseries around the planet.

In addition to growing the highest quality product, Raker - Roberta's provides unmatched value-added service and selection at competitive prices. 

Structured to meet the needs and requirements of small- and medium-sized growers, Raker offers a range of features unrivaled in the horticulture industry:

Our quoted price is our bottom line. Whether the price quoted is delivered or freight-on-board, Raker - Roberta's never adds-on royalty, boxing, handling, or fuel charges.

Preparation is vital to success. Raker - Roberta's rewards readiness with two discounts that apply regardless of the season: Early Order and Volume. Early Order provides a 10% discount on any order placed 12 weeks before the ship date. Volume rewards an automatic discount between 8-33% (depending on your order history).

Always submit your order to Raker - Roberta's for a competitive bid. Our pricing structure is intricate to provide small and medium-sized growers with the best possible price on plugs and liners. This service is no charge to you and ensures you are getting the best price.

Raker - Roberta's is a simple solution for your plant tag purchases. If tags are not provided as part of a patent, let us know and we will deliver them with your plants. Our small bundle sizes (and delivery savings) make ordering tags from Raker - Roberta's a smart choice.

We primarily grow product in 6 tray sizes (3 plug & 3 liner trays). In addition to these standard tray sizes, we have the ability to grow product in another 24 sizes.

In addition to the plant varieties we list, a Raker - Roberta's specialty is custom growing. Once a custom is approved, the minimum for seed items is only 3 trays and vegetative items is only 200 cuttings.

 In addition to custom-grown items, we maintain an extensive “at-once” inventory.  Our real-time inventory management system ensures trays ordered online ( are truly in-stock. When you order a tray from Raker - Roberta's Availability / Speculation, you will receive that tray (not a substitute).

Raker - Roberta's ships directly to your greenhouse. Our tried-and-true packaging delivers high-quality plants intact and ready-to-grow. Additionally, a 50-tray order qualifies for private (grower) delivery, or we will place your order on our patented shipping cradle system. Plant products ship via FedEx, UPS, and Air. Or, stop by our facility and pick up your order.

All Raker - Roberta's orders route through our network of 35 broker offices. This network completely covers North America – for a list of brokers, please contact us.

If you ever have questions or concerns regarding your plant products, please feel free to contact Raker - Roberta's. We believe open communication is key to a successful business relationship.

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Raker - Roberta's Young Plants, Inc., one of Michigan’s premium horticulture suppliers, is proud to present our 2018 Raker - Roberta's Garden Trials.