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Thank You for another great year in the Raker - Roberta's Trial Gardens!  Make sure to visit us in 2019.

See the newest varieties, top performers, and most unique plants the horticulture industry offers. If you would like to receive regular announcements about the RRTG, please contact Greg Michalak.

OPEN: July 17, 2019 - August 23, 2019, Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:30pm  CONTACT: Greg Michalak, Director of Trials, (517) 542-4550

We've got to get back to the Gardens!


In addition to our extensive sponsored areas (Landscaped beds, rows, large containers and Hanging Baskets) we have exciting things planned for our Comparison area.

New this year, expanded focus on Perennials. Raker-Roberta’s is your place for Perennials. In our Gardens this year, we will be showing 1st year flowering plants. We will also show off our breeding partner’s latest and greatest offerings. These will be in our main gardens.

We are comparing Begonia Big vs. Whopper vs. Dragon Wing vs. Megawatt, by series and also by color.

We are also comparing SunPatiens vs. Sun Harmony vs. Sun Standing Impatiens

Other items in our Comparison sun row area are: African Marigolds, Zinnia, Lantana, Gerbera, Argyranthemum, Verbena.

Last year was the first year we experienced Impatiens Downy Mildew. As a result we will once again be showing shade alternatives to Impatiens walleriana. We will also be showing Lobelia in large containers in the shade.

In our Hanging Basket comparison area we will be showing Lantana, Vegetative Petunias, Ipomoea and Euphorbia.

We also are an AAS trial and display garden site. This year our display gardens will include decorative containers.

We will also have Basil in a dedicated landscaped bed along with a "Farm-to-Table" bed, showcasing AAS vegetable winners.

We are a founding member of the Michigan Garden Plant Tour! This year, the tour is from July 30th through August 10th, Monday - Friday. Join us, Michigan State University, Four Star Greenhouse, Mast Young Plants and Walters Gardens to see the latest and greatest varieties on the market!

The Raker - Roberta's Blind 2017 Pink Petunia Trial results
This year's blind trial was quite a success. We had 63 entries from 13 breeders. There were 118 votes and the winner was Easy Wave Pink Passion from Pan American Seeds. Contact Greg Michalak ( for the complete list.

Here are the top 10 results:

Number of votes Ranking Number Item Name Breeder
15 1 37 Petunia  Easy Wave Pink Passion PanAmerican
12 2 52 Petunia  Supertunia Mini Rose Veined Proven Winners
10 3 44 Petunia  Tidal Wave Hot Pink PanAmerican
10 4 54 Petunia  Supertunia Vista Bubblegum Proven Winners
5 5 29 Petunia  Frappe Rose Floranova
5 6 59 Petunia  Surfinia Sumo Pink Suntory Flowers
5 7 6 Petunia  Mainstage Pink Selecta
5 8 60 Petunia  Dekko Electric Rose Syngenta
4 9 56 Petchoa  SuperCal Pink Sakata
4 10 24 Petunia  Espresso Ruby Floranova

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